ACOL Missions

There are multiple ways to enjoy life and what you are daily doing to make it better.

Animate by passion, with professional approach, my objectives with the ACOL Pool on the Cardano blockchain are by acting here on 2 simple axes:

First, to support the Real Cardano’s network Decentralization by offering our Single Pool service on the blockchain.

Second, to act for Beekeeping with the pool benefits.

Here is the plan, as of 2021 March 27th

  1. We use a dedicated wallet for beekeeping:

    Beekeeping wallet address:

  2.  At each block rewards, I will transfer the corresponding Beekeeping % amount to this wallet
  3.  Proof will be visible on chain, and until we build a dedicated page for it,
    I will share each of these amounts withdraw on the website News section.

    (I say will because at this moment we need delegators to join the party)
  4. Each ‘Beekeeping support’ act will be logged into our News section by sharing with you the what, the who and the how we proceed.

  5. Support Beekeepers by:
    1. Donation of Beekeeping equipment, ordered by me, with proof of the buy and donation.
    2. Donation to Associations


Initial starts of the project

Until no block, no reward

From the first block produced, and until we reach a stable production of a 1 block per epoch (each 5 days)

  1. You earn parts of your yearly 4 to 6% passive income,
    Please retweet my adverts so we can together grow our pool community
  2. SPO split
    25% goes to Beekeeping wallet
    75% to cover Pool expenses
  3. We’ll celebrate each produced block by helping Beekeepers (direct donation or by association donation)
  4. Acts Results on News sections

Starting the moment that our pool produces a stable 1 (or more) block per epoch

  1. You continue to earn part of your yearly income
  2. SPO split
    50% goes to Beekeeping wallet
    50% to cover Pool expenses
  3. We’ll celebrate each act of supporting and helping Beekeepers
  4. Acts Results on News sections

Continuous improvment:

  1. I want to have a simple solution where Beekeepers can:
    1. Register and request support
    2. Share experience
    Until this functionality is available, I’ll reach out to local team, association and if you are a Beekeeper in need feel free to contact me by email.
  2. The % rules above will be revisited when time will come:
    1. to decrease the current 1% fee to 0%, Here it will be the time when more than a block per epoch will be produced.
    2. to increase Beekeeping rewards up to 75% (and SPO 25%) Here it will be the time when more than a block per epoch will be produced.
    3. In case a pool Delegator leave us and that the amount of produced block decrease to less than a block per epoch, we may come back to 25% for Beekeeping wallet and 75% to SPO, depending the infrastructure cost. At this moment all is relative to ADA price and the infrastructure cost
  3. I think of potential future Pool upgrades, example by adding a 3rd Relay in our infra, upgrading disk space or cpu, ram if needed.
  4. We may build partnership with vendors to offer Coupon to beekeepers. So, let me know if you are looking to follow us on this way.