Welcome aboard Beekeeper's fam

You earn passive income 4-6%

We participate to support #beekeeping

Pool ID:

I am an IT expert for 20 years, based in France, running ACOL Pool in a datacenter near Paris

Fees are the blockchain minimum fixed fee 340 per epoch,

Margin is set to max 1% forever, the only change I would apply is to reduce fee to 0%.

Why should you use ACOL ?

Passive Income

You earn passive income of 4 to 6% per year

Mission Driven

25% up to 75% of Pool profits (see Mission details) are allocated to support #beekeeping

Single Pool Alliance

Real decentralization is key, we are member of SPA


We provide guidance to onboard new comers in this journey

High availability

99.99 uptime in the cloud running in professional datacenter


Private network and Cold environment. All behind firewall for access control


Our own monitoring and datacenter professional monitoring


Ticker: ACOL
Delegators: 1
Total Stake: 111066.492241
Tax Ratio: 0
Tax Fix: 340
Lifetime ROA: 2.693
Blocks Lifetime: 63
Blocks in epoch: 0
Pledge: 3000