Bee Specimens

1 year ago

20 Bee Specimens, 70 Bees in total :sparkles:4 very rare and Unique (Pepper Bee, Stranger Bee, Yeah Man Bee & Bubble Bee)

Happy Bee Pride 2021

1 year ago

The Bee - Happy Pride 2021

Contact me if you want one


Get The Bee CNFT

1 year ago


1 - use Daledalus or Yoroi

2 - send exact amount of 4 ADA

      to this addr

and instant get your Bee NFT ^^

Automation of NFT distribution

1 year ago

our Sales automation is based on a listener, that automaticaly:

- look for Ada payment (fixed amount choosen by the Artist)

- mint and send NFT to buyer

- send Ada rewards to the artist


it currently support:

- Pre-minted Cardano NFTs (same NFT, in x quantity)

- or mint on the order from:

a Serie of 1 NFT by x Quantity (same ticker, same image, multiple time)


a Serie of single different NFTs (multi ticker, images)

with Ramdom distribution possible


And finalizing multi token by x quantity with ramdom selection.



EasyCNFT adding 'quantity' feature ^^

1 year ago

You can now mint more than one of your NFT


Gallery dev still ongoing and very promizing :)

Stay tuned ^^

Working to add NFT Gallery on

1 year ago

Soon you'll get possibility to post you Artwork and make it available for its next owner...

Howto use EasyCNFT

1 year ago

A Medium article on How to use

Clap it if you like it :)


Our Easy CNFT tool is available

1 year ago

Enjoy your time by simply publishing your token.

We proceed each token review to make it a good tool and clean usage.

cooking and coding .... #CNFT

1 year ago

Cardano NFTs, a simple howto

1 year ago

As CNFT bring a lot of questions around the howto, I decided to share my onw experience of it

You'll find the article on Medium


What next with Cardano NFTs and ACOL ?

1 year ago

Work in progress to share a simple page to facilitate Cardano's NFTs creation.

if you want to support this initiative, please consider to Delegate on ACOL Pool

I'm so proud of this one :)

Cardano NFT

1 year ago

Here we go with NFTs

ACOL Bee Origin

by Seb.


I am now in a good position to support you in sharing NFTs on Cardano's blockchain ^^


Hello World !

1 year ago

Thanks a lot to be here, cause that sounds you are taking care of reading what my project is about with ACOL.

Don't hesitate to contact me on Telegram or Tweeter for more informations.

See our Mission for detailled plan.

I'm already in contact with local Beekeepers to support them by hives sponsor first, and having donation to another.

Once we will get at a good rate in block production, we will extend to countries where beekeepers need support from here.


Thanks a lot