Bee Specimens

2 years ago

20 Bee Specimens, 70 Bees in total :sparkles:4 very rare and Unique (Pepper Bee, Stranger Bee, Yeah Man Bee & Bubble Bee)

Happy Bee Pride 2021

2 years ago

The Bee - Happy Pride 2021

Contact me if you want one


Get The Bee CNFT

3 years ago


1 - use Daledalus or Yoroi

2 - send exact amount of 4 ADA

      to this addr

and instant get your Bee NFT ^^

Automation of NFT distribution

3 years ago

our Sales automation is based on a listener, that automaticaly:

- look for Ada payment (fixed amount choosen by the Artist)

- mint and send NFT to buyer

- send Ada rewards to the artist


it currently support:

- Pre-minted Cardano NFTs (same NFT, in x quantity)

- or mint on the order from:

a Serie of 1 NFT by x Quantity (same ticker, same image, multiple time)


a Serie of single different NFTs (multi ticker, images)

with Ramdom distribution possible


And finalizing multi token by x quantity with ramdom selection.



EasyCNFT adding 'quantity' feature ^^

3 years ago

You can now mint more than one of your NFT


Gallery dev still ongoing and very promizing :)

Stay tuned ^^

Working to add NFT Gallery on

3 years ago

Soon you'll get possibility to post you Artwork and make it available for its next owner...

Howto use EasyCNFT

3 years ago

A Medium article on How to use

Clap it if you like it :)


Our Easy CNFT tool is available

3 years ago

Enjoy your time by simply publishing your token.

We proceed each token review to make it a good tool and clean usage.

cooking and coding .... #CNFT

3 years ago

Cardano NFTs, a simple howto

3 years ago

As CNFT bring a lot of questions around the howto, I decided to share my onw experience of it

You'll find the article on Medium


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